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In the disinfection field, Bestoil guarantee your riddance by any insect or rodent annoyance.
We intervene effectively in any area, townhouses, apartment buildings, factories, hotels, companies and travel crafts, eliminating problems such us: Rodents (mice) and all kinds of  insects (cockroaches, ants, flies, ticks, fleas, etc.)
We constantly watch any developments in pharmacological and technological researches and 
we have been equipped with innovative systems, such as:
  • Safe drugs for humans and pets.
  • Specific applications for each case.
  • Methods approved by the Ministry (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Responsible supervision of a specialist (chemist)
  • Certificate of Disinfection
Our specialist partner visits you for free to study your problem!

Over 25.000 satisfied customers throughout Attica!

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Since 1978, Bestoil has been developing and refreshing constantly its fleet of cars, in order to serve instantly and safely its customers all over Attica.

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Bestoil announces that from 17/11/2013 is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for the quality system that have develop.

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