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Issuance of service charges

Bestoil has a perfect calculating program, which analyzes and fairly shares the service charges of your building, displaying the calculations in such a way, that they are fully understood by all.

We can provide:
  • Aggregated tables with full details,
  • Detailed bills of sales (for the tenant and landlord)
  • Notifications for each apartment.
We have also a program for independent (autonomous) heating - of each apartment- with full and detailed analysis (mm-hours).
With one phone-call, you can inform us about your expenses and we will send it back to you, analyzed, wherever you indicate us to.

Service Charges

Over 25.000 satisfied customers throughout Attica!

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Since 1978, Bestoil has been developing and refreshing constantly its fleet of cars, in order to serve instantly and safely its customers all over Attica.

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Bestoil announces that from 17/11/2013 is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for the quality system that have develop.

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