Maintenance of boilers

Bestoil undertakes responsibly the cleaning and maintenance of your boiler, making sure that economy, less pollution and better performance are succeeded.
The excellent organization of the relative department provides you with:
  1. Proper operation Guarantee, for the entire winter season.
  2. A ‘Clearance Certificate’
  3. Measurements on the boiler – flue efficiency, (Mandatory work, based on the 30322/1170/1983 Decree).
  4. Oil filter Installation,
  5. Safety valve Installation, 
  6. Design and installation of new facilities with or without autonomy.

Cleaning Tanks

The Cleaning of oil tank is required at least, every 2 years.

Petroleum is well-known to leave much sediment in the bottom of the tank, which result in the poor boiler operation.

With one phone call, a specially equipped tanker undertakes the cleaning of your tank on the SAME DAY, even if there is still oil in the tank.

The specially equipped tanker comes to your place, removes the oil from the tank by suction, filters it and RETURNS it clean back to the tank, immediately after it is cleaned.